“Whoever denies authority and fights against it is an anarchist.”
Sébastien Faure as quoted on p. 11 of ‘Anarchism’, by George Woodcock, broadview encore editions, 2004.

[Re-posted from The Old Site, original dd. 31-03-2010.]

Since this is at the moment degenerating into a ‘what am I reading’-diary, and I was anyway looking to do a ‘Pop Culture’ entry (it being long ago and all), why not do an anarchist quote?

It’s not like the reader – if any – has a choice in the matter 😉

So I’m an anarchist. That means I have a problem. Because to a real anarchist I will be an example of le nouveau bourgeois. A real anarchist will undoubtedly tell me an enormous amount of things that I will have to give up in order to be a real anarchist (plus maybe some body parts I need to get pierced).

There you have my problem: I’m very bad with authority. So, I wouldn’t listen to any such well meant advise; certainly if that advise basically consists in telling me what I need to do in order to qualify for being a member of the group of people who don’t want to be a member of anything.

Nope, I am a bourgeois, and I am proud to be one. I want my luxury and I feel no inclination whatsoever to fight, and revolutionize things by waving my arms about and chanting stuff in street choirs. No, I won’t get involved in any such marching and sacrificing and denouncing … And I certainly don’t feel like using the word ‘propaganda’ as if it was a word that did not carry the connotation of brainwashing.Nor do I particularly care for secret gatherings where people conspire to great things, smoking some stuff & ultimately going home drunk and/or stoned (mostly without a real prospect for having sex).

I like my luxury. I like my laziness. I like having the wealth of aristocrats  & sons of craftsmen in the early 20th century because it means that I have, as they had, both the time and the resources to concentrate on a life of thought and action (alongside the time and resource to go boozing with like minded souls).

Still, I am also an anarchist because I like my lifestyle and independence so very very much that I’d very much like everybody to be as bourgeois as I am.  There is no doubt that real anarchists would join the powers that be in condemning me for wishing universal laziness to come about. Many would say: it’s decadent of me to convince everybody that they should be as decadent as I am.

They would be right! I am a decadent. This is the decadence movement. Without an exclamation mark 😉

[Whilst writing this I was listening to The Ramones, Weird Tales of The Ramones.]

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  1. So how do you fight against authority?

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