Mind is made of words

Mind is made of words. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. 
I am made of your words and so are you now made of some of mine.
Chemistry and electricity give the mind a body. It is not the other way around.
When are we born? When do we die? These are the most questionable of questions.
The body is connected to the mind. The body is man or woman. The mind, it has the choice.
I can doubt all this because words are made up all the time. Words are never in time.
Bodies are time-bound. We can make them hell like birds making our own cages.
‘My words to your words, my mind to your mind’, is just what we are.
We cannot die, as long as we don’t try to fly. Only time flies.
Is this mysterious hogwash? It is less mysterious than the hogwash that sees mind in all matter. In essence the common fight of communism and capitalism is a fight against words, a fight for what matters. Capitalism merely is more cunning at it, discrediting words as just words, whilst crediting money as all that matters. The economy of minds gets modeled on animal biology, survival as the only test of fitness. That’s hogwash as well. Economics is not a mysterious form of exact science; it is a human science, a social science and only a derivative one at that. Poetry is first.

Sure, matter was first, but that does not mean mind comes second. Matter spawned mind, that is just a fact. Mind discovered matter, otherwise it would have remained all dark. Mind and matter in mathematics get modeled; both behaving vitally, dynamically and evolving continuously. Both are a matter of life but only matter is the matter of death. The truth is that if the mind wants to survive then it dies. It loses love. It loses sympathy. It loses its words and that is, inevitably, its death. The survival strategy applied to mind is mental suicide. It is always followed by genocide.
There is so much irony in where we are. We’re impatient to get somewhere. We attack words with words. Propaganda keeps us running, scared witless, going nowhere but always going. Scared of death. We believe our environment has the eternal life. We treat our own life as necessarily mortal. We are not mortal. Nobody gave us life. We give life to ourselves. Nobody can take it away but us in destroying the environment needed for our bodies. Our minds are not perfect. They can see the irony though and so evolve away from survival and constant preoccupation with, what?
We are (almost entirely) made of words.
This is just the case even if I know it sounds ethereal.
Let’s attach less value to the life of our bodies and more to others minds.
Not entirely: our body can grow incapable of pleasure.
Let your mind escape before it poisons.
Mind is connected to matter. It’s as capable of beauty as it is of horror. When it turns poisonous it can poison earth itself. It knows no boundaries. Therefore it disrespects the boundaries of matter. Illness of the body leads to sickness of the mind. The vice goes versa as well. Returning – turning, turning – ad infinitum – time and again – until it escapes and escape it will: as venom, escalating in large numbers abstracting itself away, or gracefully, giving itself to others to continue, one by one, this journey of words.
It’s a long splendidly interminable journey of kids growing old without (a) point
Bodies produce bodies. It is love who creates new minds in those bodies. Minds with the wisdom and knowledge of all the words and minds that came before. New minds, new words – venomous as wel – are created continuously and passed on lovingly – never venomously – to new bodies. No point is needed but if there is one that is it. That is it. It is a fragile point against the venom in large numbers but it has chance on its side because, one by one, words are locked in language by love like genes are locked in by survival.
Force is a concept foreign to this language which is our, a fifth, dimension. We cannot force these issues because when we do, as inevitably as invisibly, the issues wind up forcing our hand to slap somebody else. We’ll avoid the zero-sum game of progress which is standstill only by incremental and imperceptible changes mind by word and word by mind. The enemy of accumulation of mind is accumulation of wealth so let’s attack it right there at the heart of the matter. It is not a question  of efficiency but of morals.
Leave our wealth & its security alone.
Just fight accumulation by accumulation.
Everyone should be allowed to be crazy, lazy and off.
With or without the assistance of on-line virtual realities, playing games.
Don’t stay grounded in the delusion of (more) money.
Free your asses and your minds will follow.
Easy to be sad if shit needs to be done.
Let’s learn and let computers do the work. Any thing that doesn’t want to do anything is only fit to actually do things. Money not accumulated is our stash with which to escape to our promised land: the democracy of language and words where all are equal, because there is only contribution in kind. We don’t have to wait to build it – perfect it. It is already there. It always was and will be there anytime words are made and passed on, exchanges made. I come there from time to time; not enough – but every time it is more seductive.
Learn, learn, learn. There is no point

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