Shorter That

“What cannot be said shortly, should not be said.”, well sums up our zeitgeist.

The spirit of rudeness is by now well entrenched. A lack of mores has become a wish rather than the woe it once was. Time is of the essence. We cannot afford to beat around the bush so we spin around the bonfire of the vanities vainly hoping to catch a quantum of eternity. There is never enough time so we spend time to buy time. It’s a free market after all.

“Cut to the chase!”, I hear my subconscious shouting. 100 words and close to nothing said. 7 more wasted and less than 500 to go. Reflection takes up space-time. It is a black hole. A singular type of anomaly. I am chasing the capitalism that cuts into our subconscious. It is hopeless of course to catch up with capitalism. We can only cut it off by self-reflection.

Just cut it out, already, like this:

Mind comes before matter. Life is not holy. Death is respectable. We are pro-choice. When life is disgusting then you should have a right to leave. If only the disgusting remain that is their problem. Those who stay can make society less disgusting. We do not have to put our skin in their game. We have no duty to change the rules we don’t want to live by. Socrates died by the rules he didn’t want to live by. Those rules were ultimately changed; most of us don’t have to live by them. We make the rules. They are our responsibility.

Morality comes before economic efficiency. This is politically correct. As is the right to get a basic income. Laziness is a right acquired by realizing nothing is God given. It makes no sense to replace original sin with original duty. Both are the same nonsense of origins that define destinations. The only origin that really matters is the one in originality. Yes, this is decadence. We need a decadence movement to bring the obsession with time to decay. The basic income distributes time freely and so honors the achievements of the past.

Distributing time means redistributing capital; as creative people redistribute imagination freely. It is high time for wealthy people to finally pay back their debt to the truly timeless originality from which ideas spring in free time. This can’t be just optional philanthropy. The only charity we need is the charity that underlies mutual understanding. Wealth shall be taxed. Money can’t have more freedom than people have. The only weakness of money is that it has an owner. This weakness is to be exploited because the rich do have a choice.

I am not calling for a revolution. In revolutions people die against their choice. I am trying to nudge evolution along in my own “varied and obscure” way. Why would anybody oppose a contract that does more justice? The only reason is propaganda saying it “simply can’t be done”. Propaganda that uses a general sense of unfairness as a flywheel to propel us “back in time again”. It can be done. And once it is done it will be as attractive, as contagious, as liberal freedom once was. Therefore, it will be done.

Because just as gravity keeps our feet on the earth, the reflective equilibrium attracts us to an overlapping consensus. We know our future lies, just like our past lay, in a co-operation feeding off original ideas capturing our collective imagination. Rudeness is temporary. It is possible that it destroys us but it can’t hold us captive. We’re born free and so will we die.

600 words, no more.

(The expanded 8000 word version is here and here.)

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