Mr. Presdator

Four years ago I wrote a piece titled “Mr. Presessor“. In it I predicted the future. I got it all wrong. Instead of a “rational” political turn – inspired by Obama’s second win – we got the present ’emotional’ turn culminating in Trump’s first win. Mr. Presessor morphed in Mr. Presdator. Maybe Hobbes was right after all: we are wolves in search for a leader for our pack. Our fate is to howl – so loud nobody dares to cross our borders. The only place for reason is to power our pissing contests with the inevitable other packs of wolves.

So, is it a matter of what happened in the East? Or is it a matter of what failed to happen in the West? Let’s be hip and cool and pull out that finger to do some good old pointing.

Our liberal system is under pressure. Hoards of savages invade our enlightened world in an attempt to take us back to their dark ages. We have let the enemy seep in like a Trojan horse. We have let the fifth column read its unholy book for decades in silence. That was our weakness so now it’s time to show the strength of our rationality. Our economy is the strongest. We can outcompete them militarily. We just need to pull together to make one front. We have invented freedom of speech so let’s use it to shut up the ignorant barbaric foreigners clinging to their strange practices. Resistance is futile, they will be assimilated. That’s the best for them. We are so mild. So so mild.

Is one reading of it all. One that appeals to emotions and uses rationality to underpin our power. What a high we get out of the kick of telling it like it is. We’re swept away by it. As a tsunami we will roll over every resistance. Oh mother fucking lord, our breast swells in awe for this terribly thunderous thorn we can throw. Reason is blind and our leader, the one we follow because we must, is the one that sees and makes us strong, again.  And we must follow because we want to be led. Fed up as we are with nuance and thinking it out for ourselves as these liberal lame ducks let us do. We can vote now and we vote for him, for Mr. Presdator because he will give us our flesh again.

Is another reading of it all. One that appeals to the intellect and makes emotion suspect if it is just on a power trip. What a warm fuzzy feeling it is when we cooperate. It makes us feel human. Competition becomes a game where our life is not at stake. So it should be. If it just were like that we would have hope for our children, instead of despair. But is it? Is it like that? It isn’t for most. Life’s not fair. It is a struggle where only some have a chance of driving a Land Rover with personalized number plates. Only some can make it and we just have to try to to be made men because then we can make our children in our image.

Maybe there’s no choice. Maybe the only game is one of blame. Our hearts weep thoughts of sorrow for those out of luck. Our stomach turns at sights of shit. What people do! They should be punished if only to get it out of our system. That’s not who we are. It’s not how we are. We figure things out and we figured out it’s best to block them out. It’s hard on us as well, you know. We don’t like to be forced into hard decisions but we’re not harsh, just realistic about what works. That’s it, stop thinking and let our leader lead the way, he will let us stay calm and carry on. Eat or turkey in peace and quiet.

Please let me be wrong again. Let identity become synonymous with being human, being rational and caring about fairness, not for us but for all. Let bigots not be bigots. Nobody deserves being a bigot because they stand to lose. Nobody deserves to be a loser because they just can’t win. It simply isn’t reasonable.


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