My eye for your ear, your ear for my eye

Look at the deer, it can be all ear.
Listening for what it can’t yet see.
The ear is noble. It does not fear.
It is original. First was the ear.

How dull’s the eye that cannot hear?
The bull it shits about “The Senses”,
a putsch of the eye enslaves the ear.
The common makes no sense to me.

Better blind than being deaf to you.
The eye may awe, the ear doth thaw.
The ear can hear, the eye just bites.

A brain without eyes is just blind to lies.
Sight deceives, hearing weaves tones
and tones that survive our bones.

The word’s second only to the ear.
My ear only can hear your words.
Lonely my world’s heard by yours.

Presentations are made for the eyes.
Where an ear is made for creation,
some just prefer just recreation.

Eyes being all past have no present,
repetition it is again and over against.
Paintings speak out loud to avoid being
framed paint just coloring perspectives.

The brain hears even without ears,
imagines a future without an image
where we are all ears, with no fears
in sight. New perspectives to live by.

An eye for an eye,
take mine just give me your ear,
you can give it to me and hear me too.

A tooth for a tooth,
take mine and give me your other ear,
I won’t bite and just gently listen to you.

My dear oh ear oh me.
My ear oh dear oh you.


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