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Mind is made of words

Mind is made of words. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. 
I am made of your words and so are you now made of some of mine.
Chemistry and electricity give the mind a body. It is not the other way around.
When are we born? When do we die? These are the most questionable of questions.
The body is connected to the mind. The body is man or woman. The mind, it has the choice.
I can doubt all this because words are made up all the time. Words are never in time.
Bodies are time-bound. We can make them hell like birds making our own cages.
‘My words to your words, my mind to your mind’, is just what we are.
We cannot die, as long as we don’t try to fly. Only time flies.
Is this mysterious hogwash? It is less mysterious than the hogwash that sees mind in all matter. In essence the common fight of communism and capitalism is a fight against words, a fight for what matters. Capitalism merely is more cunning at it, discrediting words as just words, whilst crediting money as all that matters. The economy of minds gets modeled on animal biology, survival as the only test of fitness. That’s hogwash as well. Economics is not a mysterious form of exact science; it is a human science, a social science and only a derivative one at that. Poetry is first.

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“Whoever denies authority and fights against it is an anarchist.”
Sébastien Faure as quoted on p. 11 of ‘Anarchism’, by George Woodcock, broadview encore editions, 2004.

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Since this is at the moment degenerating into a ‘what am I reading’-diary, and I was anyway looking to do a ‘Pop Culture’ entry (it being long ago and all), why not do an anarchist quote?

It’s not like the reader – if any – has a choice in the matter 😉

So I’m an anarchist. That means I have a problem. Because to a real anarchist I will be an example of le nouveau bourgeois. Continue reading

Bleed for me

C’mon bleed
C’mon bleed
C’mon bleed
Bleed for me
We’ll strap you to a pipe
Electrodes on your balls
C’mon scream
C’mon writhe
Face down in a pool of piss
C’mon bleed
C’mon bleed
C’mon bleed
Bleed for me
In the name of world peace
In the name of world profits
America pumps up our secret police
America wants fuel
To get it, it needs puppets
So what’s ten million dead?
If it’s keeping out the Russians
Dead Kennedys, 1982, any of many lyrics sites.

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Indulge me (meaning: I’ll indulge myself anyway, thank you very much!). It’s been busy. I haven’t had a chance to take things in new directions. And I feel this need to be outspoken. That means I will here take the liberty to be brief and all mystical-like as behooves one who is convinced the populace needs it short and simple (peace, love, climate change and stuff).

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Too much pressure

Too much pressure, my life’s so hard
Too much pressure, and all them certain kind of people
Too much pressure, them having it easy
Too much pressure, them having it easy
Too much pressure, them sail through life
Too much pressure, them have no joy
Too much pressure, them have no joy
It’s too much pressure, it’s too much pressure
This pressure got to stop
This pressure got to stop
This pressure got to stop
It’s got to stop, it’s got to stop….
The Selecter, downloadable from iTunes & whatever.

[Re-posted from The Old Site, original dd. 27-06-2009. If anything is this is the cash value of my ideas.]

Well, something to kill the time (mine & maybe yours). Good lyrics. Great music.

Pressure has always been predominant; struggle for life and all that. Heaven and hell and the risk of eternal damnation as well. But it has transformed, and is still transforming, no doubt.

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Star Trek

“To boldly go where no man has ever gone before.”
G. Roddenberry, Star Trek, anywhere.

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I never cared too much for most of this series. Among my many weaknesses there is a certain immunity to being radically ‘into’ anything. Still, that line and the general gist of it mean a lot to me and should mean a lot to you. Continue reading

Everything counts in large amounts

“It’s a competitive world
Everything counts in large amounts
The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
Everything counts in large amounts.”
Depeche Mode, The Best Of Depeche Mode, Disc 1.

[Re-posted from The Old Site, original dd 05-10-2008. Posted here without any real review, just to give a sign of life.]

Faced with complex issues we try to find complex solutions. Administrations of most dinosauric dimensions are engaged to tackle, tune & tweak complexities. Heads of those administrations, whether private or public, achieve heroic status, and adopt appropriately heroic characteristics. Like Alexander the Great they strive to build an empire that can last forever, like Hercules – with self-acclaimed Herculean efforts – they stand the most extreme tests of character.

Complexity breeds grand nobility.
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Joe’s Garage

“JOE: (somewhat exhausted)
These executives have plooked the fuck out of me
And there’s still a long time to go before I’ve
Paid my debt to society
And all I ever really wanted to do was
Play the guitar ‘n bend the string like
I’ve got it
I’ll be sullen and withdrawn
I’ll dwindle off into the twilight realm
Of my own secret thoughts
I’ll lay on my back here ’til dawn
In a semi-catatonic state
And dream of guitar notes
That would irritate
An executive kinda guy…”
Frank Zappa, Joe’s Garage Acts I, II, III, Act II Scene Fourteen Outside Now.

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‘Nah, it was funny while it lasted – but it won’t be something that endures’, say those who go for classical music preferring classical to music. I say: let ’em have the opera created by the classical equivalent of ‘executive kinda guys’. It  clearly makes them feel better than the rest of us and if that’s what it takes to be rid of them, so be it. Continue reading


“Such is the joy and burden of being human – we will never be free individuals freely entering into contracts.”, Adam Kotsko, Awkwardness, p. 87, zero books, 2010.

After two to three weeks of doing what I am critical of in others, I’m too lazy to look something up so I just quote from what I happen to be reading. I am not convinced awkwardness is a concept that is very central to humanity. I am sure on the other hand that it is one of many exquisitely exclusively human concepts.  Studying it authentically cannot but lead to something insightful. Such as the above quote and the below question:

 What is most awkward: to belong or not to belong?

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Do good things

“Do good things and good things will happen to you.”  from ‘My name is Earl’, US comedy series (which used to be) running on channels all over the world (and is now probably degraded to early morning status).

[Re-posted from The Old Site, original dated 28-01-2008. Even heavy, overweight blogs sometimes try to lighten up – although this is not yet exactly lightweight. It’s a bit confused but with a high dose of benevolence there’s something in it for those with an open mind.]

It should be as simple as that. And maybe it is. I doubt whether anyone has ever really tried. Nature is competition, one cannot argue with that and I certainly will not argue against that. Does that mean we have to take our competition personally? Is there a thing that can be called ‘our’ competition? Continue reading